On the coming 11th December will take place in Rome the Forum Italia Solare 2018, annual event gathering many operators Italian PV industrial sector organized by Italia Solare.

The day will be entirely committed to the ongoing energy transition in Italy and, in particular, to the development of PV technology expected to be leading the solar relaunching the next years. Core of the discussion the strategies of the main operators as well as to the legislative and market conditions able to boost the development of new plants.

The event, sponsored by REM, will host the main stakeholders of the RES governance in Italy, including newly appointed GSE CEO Roberto Moneta, in his first participation to a public event, Massimo Ricci – Director of wholesale energy Market Directorate and environmental Sustainability of ARERA, as well as primary Italian energy players.

In the speakers’ panel also REM’s President Giuseppe Mastropieri, who will take part in the roundtable on the market and regulatory conditions necessary to promote PPAs’ bankability, by providing REM’s insights as an Asset Manager operator, with a strong awareness on how to enhance the produced energy through several commercial solutions.

Further information about the event and how to register are available by clicking here.