The Italian Ministry of Economic Development  has appointed Eng. Mastropieri CEO of REM S.r.L. as expert CSEA Cassa per I Servizi Energetici Ambientali (https://www.csea.it/) for the project evaluation within “Ricerca di Sistema per il Settore Elettrico (Research for the Electric Market”).

The Ministry of Economic Development, choosing from the experts in the CSEA list, has declared nine commissions for the evaluation of the eligibility conditions and for the assessment of potential projects amendments pertaining to three-year ENEA research plan until 2022.

Ing. Mastropieri has been appointed as expert for the Commission n. 8 and he is in charge with evaluation and research for the Sea Electric Energy field.

Within this industry, it is crucial to evaluate feasibility of energetic utilization generated by wave movement and as consequence the technologic development that provides the highest resilience following both purposes of producing renewable electric energy and reducing the LCOE(leverage cost of energy).

Sea energy is expected to be one of the technology breakthrough from now to 2023 likewise offshore eolic and storage technologies.

The potential of this resource is extremely appealing for the industry community. Eng. Mastropieri affirmed: “I am pleased to give my contribution in the Research for the Electric Market, still considered to be a niche even though is already a reality in the North Europe and America, that are making significant technologic and manufactoring investments. The continuous research and innovation of energetic industry for the reliable and resilient technologies is essential for the country decarbonization and the energetic electric production development”.