At this difficult time the word "energy" is more fundamental than ever for individuals and communities. The economic, social and environmental changes that our country is experiencing as a result of the pandemic require concrete and immediate responses.

It is for this reason that the world of renewable energy has joined forces to get the country back on track thanks to the initiative of the Energy Services Manager (GSE) which, in collaboration with operators in the photovoltaic sector, is supporting the Civil Protection in its commitment against COVID-19 and its health and economic effects.

The GSE has, in fact, launched a fundraising campaign in favour of the Civil Protection to which all operators and citizens who receive incentives in Conto Energia, i.e. those dedicated to electricity produced by photovoltaic plants, can join in April. In May, then, the donation campaign will continue, also involving all other operators of electric renewables.

The initiative "1 kWh for the Country" foresees that for every kilowatt hour donated 10 euros will be paid to the Civil Protection. The first phase of the campaign ended with over 528,000 euros collected by photovoltaic operators in just 8 days in April.  You can join the campaign - by donating 1 or more kWh - directly online by May 17. Just login with your username and password to the Customer Area of the GSE website and click on "Send the donation". Selecting the available contract, you can choose how many kWh to donate and on which contract, making the donation directly on the incentives due in April.

A small action to give the country the energy it needs.

For more info https://www.gse.it/1kwhperilpaese