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REM is a professional hub that offers independent asset management services for the renewable energy, solar, wind and hydro power. Thanks to the consolidated ten years’ experience of the management team in the power industry, to state-of-the-art ICT technologies, to a broad and profound market and regulatory knowledge, REM is the best solution to guarantee reliability and top performances for your investments.

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Administrative procedures compliance for PV plants


Thanks to the solid experience gained in the field of energy regulation and management and to the wide variety of its over 100 plants under management, REM provides to the solar energy producers assistance in taking care of the administrative procedures of  PV plants, helping to avoid penalties due to the incompliance with the regulatory requirements and their deadlines.

Pitch Angela, your Energy Accountant: you can control and fulfil all the bureaucratic procedures that your plant has to comply!

Try to solve the test here attached, and in case of any doubt contact our director of Permetting and Energy Management Area, Alessandra Castellano (a.castellano@reliablenergy.it ) that will lead you through regulatory requirements and administrative procedure, helping you to resolve any prior deficiency too.

The management services proposed by Angela include:

  • Light Package: administrative compliance on the mandatory fulfilments required by Agenzia delle Dogane, GSE and ARERA national Autority (former AEEGSI).
  • Full Package: in addition to the Light Package activities, it includes the managing of FiT agreement and GSE procedures, Garanzie di Origine, Remit, management of the energy sales agreements comprehensive of unbalancing and relevant amount due.

For more information about our regulatory and administrative managing activities or REM’s complete services, please contact our Office at the phone number 39 051 0549750 or by email at the address info@reliablenergy.it


Technical & Operational Management


REM, with his IT assets and an advanced control room, continuously monitors yield and status of customer portfolios, supporting and managing all stakeholders involved in plant operations.

  • Yield and O&M activities monitoring
  • Planning and supervision of extraordinary maintenance
  • Dispatching and supervision with stakeholders involved in plant operations, such as land owners, grid operators, services supplier and insurance companies.

Permitting & Regulatory Management


REM offers operative support in management and execution of administrative and bureaucratic fulfillments, with an ongoing update on main energy and T&A regulatory and legislation review:

  • GSE: Fuel Mix, "Antimafia", GSE Contract GRIN/TO/Conto Energia ("Convenzione")
  • Custom Agency ("Agenzia delle Dogane"): "Dichiarazione dei consumi", update of "registri di produzione", update of "Officina Elettrica" licence, ecc
  • ARERA: Unbundling, "Indagine statistica", annual mandatory Fees, etc
  • Administrative procedures and verification of regulatory compliance of maintenance interventions on plants (under GSE regulation)
  • Technical-regulatory support for periodic verification and reviews from grid operators (e.g. remote metering, meters calibration, etc)

Energy Management


REM offers a wide range of energy management services, aimed to optimize commercial and financial management of energy market revenues

  • Assistance in negotiation of the best commercial condition energy sell contracts, executing tenders with Italian and European traders, tanking under consideration potential upside in providing grid and power services
  • Assistance in the definitions of corporate PPA - Power Purchase Agreements within selfconsumpion systems (SEU)
  • Management of SSP (Net Metering) contracts with GSE and operations under SEU/SSPC systems
  • Calculation and compliance of excise and other para-fiscal obligations
  • Optimization of energy purchase for ancillary plants energy consumption
  • Management of “REMIT” and privileged information for contracts with power exceeding 10MW
  • Feasibility of energy storage integration for energy intensive consumers
  • Assistance in forecasting for (potential) participation on dispatching markets (MSD)

SPV Administration


REM, thanks to partnerships with T&A energy-focused consultants, is able to manage administrative, corporate and legal issues of SPV companies:

  • Management of administration and treasury, including payment and cash in
  • Cash-flow management and planning, covenants calculation
  • Support on balance sheet drafting and other corporate fulfillments
  • Independent administration, also on a temporary basis, for distressed assets or during handover processes



REM, integrating both client monitoring systems and by using its own proprietary independent one, is able to provide advanced reporting, systemizing most relevant technical, financial and corporate KPIs.
REM organize VDR for ordinary and extraordinary purposes. REM also provides independent asset monitoring services for owners and financial institutions.

  • Periodic reports with technical and financial performances
  • VDR set-up and management, useful for ordinary and extraordinary operations
  • Periodic reports on maintenance and revamping interventions
  • Performance e compliance reporting for financing parties (banks and leasing institutions)

Procurement strategy


REM, thanks to its deep market knowledge, independent profile and international network, is able to insure to its client's best procurement conditions for SPVs.

  • Emergency procurement in case of extraordinary events, minimizing costs and loss from production
  • Definition of preventive maintenance (O&M) schedule according to technologies and plants state
  • Execution of tenders for O&M contract at best market conditions
  • Definition of best insurance policy, according to asset and client specific risk profile, optimizing commercial conditions and coverage
  • Definition of maintenance requirements on site, according to site-specific conditions. Execution of tenders for surveillance, green management and module cleaning.

Revamping & Upgrade


REM supports his customers in exploiting maximum performance of their plants, with special care of extraordinary maintenance activities and revamping operations.
REM supports his customers in exploring regulations options for special kind of PPAs.

  • Life cycle assessment
  • Revamping and retrofit solutions engineering.
  • Components and services tender management.
  • Engineering, HSE management
  • Owners engineering.
  • Test and commissioning.
  • PPAs arrangement. Regulation and commercial support.
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Alessandra CastellanoEnergy Management and Permitting Director


Environmental Engineer graduated at the Federico II University of Naples with first class honour. Participant at the second level master organized by ENEA "International master in economics and engineering of renewable energy".

She specializes in the Energy Management with the frequency of "Training and refresher course for energy managers", organized by FIRE in collaboration with ENEA, and began her career in the energy sector at the technical office of Techprom Srl of Milano. Here she works as Energy manager and advisor for electrical generation plants (preliminary and final projects), becomes a consultant for large institutions like the San Paolo Hospital and the Cattolica del Sacro Cuore University of Milano, aging as "third party" for energy supply contracts and as a designer of energy saving actions.

Enriches her experience working at the Technical Department of the City of Sorrento, where she is responsible for verifying the authorization process for building permits "in sanatoria": verification of landscape compatibility.

In 2009 she started the collaboration with NE Nomisma Energia, first in the Kyoto Area verifying plans for CO2 monitoring for the Italian Ministry of Environment and later in the Renewable Area becoming head of Permits and Regulatory Office.

Afterwards, with the role of Head of the Permitting Office in REA Srl, she has been involved in more than 150 investment projects as a consultant for renewable energy with experience in procedures for the authorization in Italian regions for projects concerning the production of electricity from renewable sources.

Since 2015, she has made available to REM Srl her know-how in service of the energy management of RES assets and administrative obligations. She manages the verification of regulatory compliance e GSE Controls.

Giuseppe MastropieriPresident


REM president and founder Prof. Giuseppe Mastropieri almost 15 years' experience in energy consultancy has acquired an in-depth and widespread knowledge of the Italian and european renewable energy industry.

During his career Mastropieri served more than 400 industrial and financial clients in the different energy consulting firms – both financial and technical – he worked for.

Overall he provided advisory services in more than 370 investments projects, accounting about 4 GW of power for a financial value of about 5 billions Euro.

Mastropieri is often involved by banks and investment funds, for independent directorship to lead turnaround and revamping projects of distressed assets.

Among the salient experiences, Dr. Mastropieri was until 2015 a technical director of a wind farm with an installed capacity of 24 MW operating in Molise, one of the best performing in Italy. Dr. Mastropieri has been member of the Assorinnovabili board until 2017, the main association for renewable energy producers in Italy (more than 700 producers for over 14 GW of installed power), now merged into Elettricità Futura.

Mastropieri holds a PhD in industrial engineering achieved at University of Padua and he is currently teaching as a contract professor in Economics and Management of Energy Utilities in Electrical Engineering course at University of Bologna. Dr. Mastropieri is also faculty member at Energy Management Master promoted by University of Bologna.

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